Project: Ysbyty Tstrad Faw – Caerphilly Hospital
Location: Wales, UK
Type: Firesafe TW950s
Date installation: 2009/2010
Length: 5,000mYsbyty_Ystrad_Fawar_Wales

Firesafe TW950s has been used throughout the Ysbyty Ysarad Faw (Caerphilly Hospital) to connect power source to all essential primary devices. These included, amongst others, supply to all fire alarm and repeater panels, fire dampers, door détentes, Access control panels etc.
TW950s was selected when compared to others due to its properties, ease of installation and immediate availability.
Building Profile: The Ysbyty Ystrad Fawar (Caerphilly Hospital) provides 269 beds. What maks this hospital unique is the fact that there are no wards, only ensuite rooms that are intended to help control infections and make patient’s stays more dignified. The project has cost the Welsh Government £172 million pounds.