Company: SnamprogettiSaipem-snamprogetti
Project: Ruwais – Emirates Of Abu Dhabi Gasco Project 5229

Tratos had 1 million € worth of its instrumentation cables installed by Snamprogetti SpA in Gasco’s third Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) Train Project in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi.
The third NGL Train at Ruwais is designed to process an additional 24,400 tonnes TPD of natural gas liquids produced from OGD-111, AGD-11 and other projects and to produce about 6,400 TPD of Raw Ethane for transfer to the petrochemical plant at Ruwais. The Tratos instrumentation cables have been installed throughout the site to carry signals between various system components.
Power cable type number & description
: Energy cables from 1 kv to 33 kv, armoured and unarmoured, fire retardant and fire resistant, from 1.5 To 300 cross section, single , 3 core, 4 cores, multicores
Instrument cable type number & description: Instrumentation cables, single and double screened, armoured and unarmoured, fire resistant and non-fire resistant, pair, multipairs.
Control cable type number & description:
Control cable, multipairs, fire resitant or flame retardant, armoured and  unarmoured.
Installation date: 2008