Sannazzaro_RefineryCompany: ENI
Project: Sannazzaro Refinery – Po Valley, Italy

Specialist cable manufacturer Tratos has won a €15 million contract for the supply of oil and gas cables to the Sannazzaro Refinery, owned by energy company ENI, in the Po Valley, Italy.
Following the upgrading of the refinery capacity in 2009, the Sannazzaro Refinery is one of the most efficient and flexible in Europe It mainly supplies markets in North-Western Italy and Switzerland, including Italy’s most highly industrialized area – the Turin-Milan-Genoa industrial triangle.
Tratos Cavi, which has been producing cables for use in the oil and gas industry throughout its 40 year history, will supply a range of oil and gas cable to the refinery for a variety of applications including power, control and signalling.  The cables are manufactured to all the relevant American, British and European standards including BS6883, NEK 606 & UKOOA.