Location: Kosovo
Company: TAKRAFp_weitere_konsolleitungstrommel
Type: Tratos MTO® ES3, Console-cable reel for the application on excavators in open-cast mining
Speed: 9m/min

The cable reel has a 30 kV-cable with a length of 2100 m of flexible and reelable rubber hose cable with a diameter of 70 mm. The reel has an inner diameter of 3 m and a length of 8.5 m.

Technical Specification

Type: 18/30 kV TRATOS MTO
Cable diameter: 69 ± 2 mm
Cable weight: 6.84 kg/m
Operation voltage: 30 kV
Travel speed: 9 m/min.
Acceleration time: 5 s
Deceleration time: 5 s
Travel distance:4200 m