Snamprogettisud_RefineryCompany: Snamprogettisud S.p.A
Project: Taranto Refinery – Italy

Tratos has supplied Snamprogettisud S.p.A, a subsidiary of oil and gas contractor Saipem, with a range of instrumentation cables for installation at the Taranto Refinery.
The Taranto Refinery, which began operation in the late 1960s and continues to adapt to meet the needs of the ever changing oil market, mainly produces fuels for the automotive and residential heating markets in Southern Italy.
The contract to supply instrumentation cables was awarded to Tratos based on keen pricing, service, reliability and product quality.  Tratos is renowned for quality cabling, ensuring its instrumentation cable is designed and manufactured to protect the transmitted signal from internal and external interferences and disturbances.  The cables are suitable for installation in areas of intrinsic security and antideflagrating, principally in the control of industrial processes, chemical and petroleum plants and electrical power plants.
Tratos has a comprehensive range of instrumentation cable to meet very wide range of applications, but is also able to produce bespoke cable to meet client’s exacting needs.