Cable manufacturer Tratos is marking eight years continuous running of its ground-breaking high-speed medium-voltage reeling cables at Euromax in Rotterdam, Holland, when the average lifetime of equivalent type of products you can find on the market is 2 years.
The cables were installed in what was at the time, one of the fastest automated rail mounted gantry cranes (ARMGs) in the world, where containers are transported from the stack to the truck at a speed of up to 270m/min.

In 2008, when first installed, there was no benchmark for the anticipated lifespan of cables running at such high speeds, 24/7.  Tratos installed TRATOSFLEX ESDB 6/10kV cable which it developed specially for the needs of the terminal.

Many different factors influence cable lifespan, but TRATOSFLEX ESDB cable has continued to perform consistently in an unbroken run since its installation.
The Italian-owned British manufacturer says the eight-year landmark is a defining one for Tratos – and one of the best references in the world, particularly as Euromax was one of the first terminals to operate at those speeds. TRATOSFLEX ESDB was developed to resist

TRATOSFLEX ESDB was developed to resist high pulling tension and abrasion of the outer sheath – rubber insulated copper cable can fail when these two materials are wrapped around each other.

During the cable’s life, its tough environment – the constant reeling application – is a constant challenge and cable is generally the weakest point of any crane and relies on regular maintenance to preserve its integrity.

At the time, Tratos’ task was to produce a super-tough outer-sheath and make the inner construction as strong as possible for client ZPMC, the largest heavy-duty equipment manufacturer in the world.

TRATOSFLEX ESDB was the result. It’s modified cable structure tightens the components against internal movement to accommodate the stresses involved in high speed applications. This prevents the most common problem of twisting, leading to possible breakage that affects cables reeling at high speeds.  High quality compounds also ensure the cable operates in temperatures from -20ºC to +60ºC.

Tratos’ high-performance cables are now installed in more than 300 ports around the world.

For further information:
Rainer Pollmann 
Sales Manager Northern Europe