Since its decision to create a board post dedicated to furthering best practice for Health and Safety, international cable manufacturer Tratos is celebrating receipt of BS OHSAS 18001.

The Italian-owned UK-based cable innovator appointed Ing Elisabetta Bragagni Capaccini as Health & Safety Director with a brief to get tough on root and branch health and safety. 

A fully qualified electrical engineer, Ing Elisabetta Bragagni Capaccini is granddaughter of the company’s founder, Egidio Capaccini, and stepped up from her role as the company’s health and safety officer at its Knowsley factory in Merseyside in 2016.

BS OHSAS 18001 sets out the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety management best practice and helps companies achieve the maximum return for employees, operations and customers.

Working alongside UK health and safety consultants, ELAS, Ms Bragagni Capaccini, 33, was tasked with overseeing the implementation of a rigorous programme of continuous improvement at Knowsley. The aim was to reach ever higher safety standards that would be mirrored in Tratos’ factories in Italy. From her appointment, she began working towards OHSAS 18001 at the company’s UK and Italian operations, and received the news that the Certificate of Conformity had been confirmed by BASEC just a few weeks short of the end of the year.

The company is committed to this rigorous independent testing regime in line with its focus on the quality of its products, quality system, employees and over-arching health and safety practices.

The British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC) accreditation provides assurance of independent cable testing and approval. Leading non-profit making independent certification body BASEC has a reputation for quality, clarity and safety, and its services cover electrical cables, data and signal cables and ancillary products providing reassurance for cable specifiers.

Tratos UK CEO Dr Maurizio Bragagni, said of  Ms Bragagni Capaccini’s role: “We believe the whole of the Tratos board should be responsible for setting the standard for effective health and safety management but we recognised that the fastest gains for everyone would be achieved by one person having sole focus, ownership and understanding of the issues involved.  

“We take our responsibilities seriously, we invest time and money in ensuring safer working practices for everyone. So we’ve invested heavily in better facilities, equipment and infrastructure to ensure our people are working safely in a healthy environment. We’ve also pushed to educate staff further, to highlight best practice and develop a culture that includes looking after each other in the workplace. These accreditations are there to be achieved and exceeded. They’re there for everyone’s benefit.  

“The decision to create this role has proven to be the right course of action for the company and we’re delighted with the accreditation,” continued Dr Bragagni.

Ing Elisabetta Bragagni Capaccini said: “The position of Health & Safety Director is a pivotal role in any manufacturing company and it will only get more important as our business continues to grow globally.  It is my role to ensure best practices are stringently upheld and cement their place throughout the organisation. It is very rewarding to have our efforts recognised.” 

Tratos is one of Europe’s largest independent cable manufacturers. Celebrating 50 years in business last year, the company has five manufacturing facilities in Italy and the UK and employs people around the world producing electrical, electronic and fibre optic cable solutions.