In order to continually improve the quality, Tratos is periodically certified to the stringent requirements of ISO 9001:2008The Quality System is systematically applied to the entire business cycle. Tratos’ Management has made considerable financial investment in quality systems which produce important results for quality, efficiency and per capita productivity.

Tratos gained ISO 9002 certification back in 1987, awarded by BASEC, one of the world’s most prestigious approval bodies. By 1993 the updated ISO 9001 standard was implemented and certified and Tratos was the first cable manufacturer to receive environmental approval from BASEC (BA2250:1996-2) and also has approval from several other independent bodies.

The company’s Quality Policy is reviewed for suitability at every Management Review. This policy is communicated throughout the organisation. Tratos adheres to a policy of total commitment to quality. This commitment can only be effective if it is applied within the company and its suppliers.

Quality measures extend to producing cables without halogens to provide protection for people working with its cables and for the environment. Since 1980, Tratos has also been using clean renewable energy from its own hydroelectric plant. In 2001, the company started producing “Tratos-Green”, a cable made using only hydroelectric energy.

All of Tratos’ manufacturing facilities have been awarded ISO 14001:2004 certification for its Environmental Management Systems. Tratos chooses critical materials’ suppliers that share the same quality policies and systems. Non-critical products are accepted only after thorough evaluation of their products and systems, in accordance with ISO standards.

*LPCB certification is referred to design, manufacture and supply of electric cables for use in fire alarm systems.