News 2010

Tratos submarine cables

The demand for high-performance submarine power cables is increasing as more and more offshore wind parks are installed, and the national electric grids are interconnected. Submarine power cables are installed for the highest voltages and power to transport electric energy under the sea between islands, countries and even continents. The installation and operation of submarine […]

Tratos got the certification for Tratos dedalus solar cable

Tratos cavi Spa has gained product certification for its TRATOS DEDALUS FG21M21 SOLAR CABLE for photovoltaic applications. IMQ, whom conducted the certification, are Italy’s most prestigious certification body and a European leader in conformity assessments and laboratory testing. TRATOS DEDALUS FG21M21 SOLAR CABLE certification has guaranteed all tests on the product necessary to verify its […]

Tratos Knowsley achieves ISO 14001 Certification

TRATOS Knowsley has gained certification to the coveted and internationally recognized ISO14001 standard for Environmental Management Systems. Combining individual efforts from the management team and the specialist expertise of ‘Tony Wright Consulting’, the UK based cable manufacturer has successfully implemented the systematic framework for the company to identify the environmental impact of its activities, products and […]

AVSI appeal for HAITI

Measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale has struck Haiti causing an unfolding humanitarian crisis. Children have been killed and injured — many are in desperate need of clean water, shelter and medical help. Early reports indicate a large number of casualties and widespread damage. The situation for Haiti was already difficult before the earthquake hit […]

What is Fusion?

The greatest increase in demand for energy is envisaged to come from developing countries where, with rapid urbanisation, large-scale electricity generation will be required. With environmental requirements for zero or low CO2 emission sources and the need to invest in a sustainable energy mix, new energy sources must be developed. Fusion will be available as […]

The international ITER project for fusion: Why?

ITER is a large-scale scientific experiment that aims to demonstrate that it is possible to produce commercial energy from fusion. The Q in the formula on the right symbolizes the ratio of fusion power to input power. Q ≥ 10 represents the scientific goal of the ITER project: to deliver ten times the power it […]


PROCESS AND TECHNOLOGY STATUS – Superconductivity is the ability of certain metals, alloys and ceramic materials to let electrical current flow with no electrical resistance and energy dissipation. Superconductivity appears at below a certain (critical) temperature, which is between 30K and 120K (-243°C and -153°C) for high-temperature superconductors (HTS) and below 20K (-253°C) for the low-temperature superconductors (LTS). […]

Innotrans 2010

Innotrans 2010 was the 8th Exhibition of this kind in Berlin. More than 100.000 visitors from 110 countries where a new record and 20% more than 2008. 2243 exhibitors show their products and TRATOS participated for the first time. The exhibition space was 81000 qm for railway technology, railway infrastructure, public transport, interiors and tunnel […]

Subsea cables suit installations at depths up to 2000 metres

UK cable manufacturer and supplier Tratos Ltd has an extensive range of hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electrical umbilical cabling for subsea oil and gas extraction, designed and manufactured with reliability and durability as key or such demanding environments. The Tratos subsea cable range allows for hydraulic and injection fluids to be transmitted, as well as power […]

Tratos launches a series of FTTH optical cables

Cable manufacturer and supplier Tratos, launches a series of FTTH optical cables designed for use inside buildings to connect individual properties. Optimised for brownfield construction networks, the new FTTH cables run vertically from the bottom to the top of the building. One or more of the cables in the bundle can be branched off at any point […]

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