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“Circular economy” needs Renewable Energy Sources


Offshore wind energy transportation

Tratos continues to explore how best to harness and transport green energy. Offshore wind energy is finally coming of age.
Now it is at the point where it can make a real and valuable contribution to power generation – and look to compete with traditional energy sources.

Britain must harness advanced technologies now to cut transmission losses and save hard-won power.

The UK is losing time as well as power and money it can ill afford – and could do more to reduce levels of electricity lost during transmission.  

While the organisations responsible for ensuring supply continuity are doing everything they can to stem losses and ‘keep the lights on’ for the UK, Tratos argues that it’s the time for cable innovators to pick up their share of the load – and come up with even smarter, faster solutions.

The innovation-led business says that the best in the industry are also the best-placed to help with 360 degree solutions that have the potential to fast-track savings in installation time for speedier roll-out of improved technology to stem losses. 

Although high-voltage overhead cables contribute only a relatively small percentage of overall wastage (losses are bigger from lower voltage and underground cables) there is still a strong case to be made for faster implementation of loss-saving solutions.

With concerns about how long we have before Britain’s lights go out, the real and achievable solutions have to be rolled out more quickly across all transmission platforms. The cable industry can do even more to get behind transmission agencies’ loss cutting measures.  

Intervention to prevent tracts of power erosion (as electricity travels across cables) equates to an increase in available power; power that is lost at a cost.

What Britain saves corresponds to a need to produce less: huge savings on power generation and its impact on the environment.

The truth is – Great Britain can do it, is already doing it, it just needs to pick up the pace. Great Britain is the cradle of the first industrial revolution; it has never been better placed to host its fourth.

The world – and in particular every developed nation within it – is hard-wired to depend on power. If we don’t want the bubble to burst, we have to act now.

In many countries, the rapidly growing demand for electrical energy has led those responsible for electrical transmission systems to search for technical innovations which will increase the amount of power transmitted, with improved efficiency, within tight budgetary constraints. 

Our power-addiction fires our lives from cradle to grave, fuels world economies and ignites growth. We are now facing up to the real possibility of power deprivation – yet faster recourse to the solutions available will save precious resources.

Our power networks can be better protected to power our world longer and more sustainably.

Tratos Ltd mounted a campaign to highlight the industry’s crisis – and the cures. The company called for every power transmission stakeholder to work together and invest now for faster installation of newer and more efficient technologies. Advanced conductor technology will stem power-loss, buying the world more time to invest in smarter ways to hold onto its hard-won electricity.

Again, we have the technology to be better, to work smarter.  

Offshore wind energy will play an important role in the achievement of Europe’s 2020 renewable energy targets and will make it possible to power millions of homes with clean energy. Not only that, the development of new wind farms will create jobs in the coming years. So it makes sense to use the best technology available for transmission.

Hydro Electric Power

Tratos also works to enable hydroelectric power. It has cable empowering renewable hydroelectric sources, including stations at sites where low visual impact is an important part of protecting the surrounding environment.

Involvement in the commissioning and efficient running of these power stations is yet another example of Tratos working to enable green energy supplies for a better environment.


Tratos is actively campaigning, a change-bringer, across six areas:

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