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Tratos is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of robust electric mining cables used to power, control and monitor mining and tunnelling equipment that are used in mines and quarries worldwide.  Tratos produce in accordance with all main standards such as MT818 series, AS/NZS, VDE 250, BS 6708


Mines, tunnels and quarries often offer hostile environments. Tratos’ cables’ quality, and its reputation, guarantees performance.



Experienced product design engineers and sector specialists with real understanding of the sector’s special requirements.



Tratos’ mining cables and tunnelling cables meet or exceed the requirements of Internationally recognised industry standards.


Tratos’ robust electric mining cables power, control and monitor mining and tunnelling equipment in mines and quarries worldwide. Tratos selects only best quality materials for its manufacturing processes; testing performance and guaranteeing quality. Today the Group enjoys a reputation as one of the industry’s most trusted suppliers.

Dedicated product engineers and sector specialists understand the special requirements needed for reliable and consistent performance in the harshest of mining and tunnelling environments. It’s this knowledge that ensures Tratos’ mining and tunnelling cables meet or exceed the requirements of Internationally recognised industry standards (e.g. AS/NZS, VDE, BS, UL, CSA, MSHA, and OSHA). Products are also RoHS compliant, manufactured on sites that hold ISO 14001 Environmental Approval and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Approval.

Tratos cable can be found in open pit mining, tunnelling or supplying power in deep mines. The range of mining and tunnelling cables includes fixed and flexible cables up to 35 kV.

Chinese Standards: MT818 series
Australian Standards: AS/NZS 1972:2002, AS/NZS 1802:2003, AS/NZS 2802:2000
Canadian Standards: Based on MSHA-P-189-4, ICEA Standards S-75-381/NEMA WC-58, ASTM B-172 and B-33
South African Standards: SANS 507-1:2007 – Edition 1, NRS 034-1:2007- Edition 4
European Standard (Germany): VDE 250 – TEIL 814 and TEIL 813
UK Standards: BS 6708

Note: This is an indicative range of Standards to which Tratos manufacture mining cables. Cables manufactured in accordance with other Standards are available on request.

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The cables are suitable for use as reeling power supply cables for tunnel driving machines in underground mines and for tunnel construction applications


Reduced dimension cable laid on ground for reeling one way application

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