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Tratos is one of the leading European manufacturers of Electrical, Electronic and Fibre Optic cables. The comprehensive range of cables available from Tratos ensures that there is a solution to suit nearly any application and all products are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard.

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tratos_trucks_cables_03As a commercial enterprise, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers are entirely satisfied with our products and services. For that reason, we are committed to complying with all requirements, whether customer, legal, or statutory, to ensure delivery is consistently reliable and prompt, and to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System which satisfies all the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

As soon as the Quality Assurance rationale started being adopted by electric and telephone cable manufacturing companies, Tratos was certified ISO 9002 (1987) by the certifying body BASEC (UK) and then ISO 9001 (1993). In addition, we continue to expand our diverse portfolio of service-sensitive, speciality products to meet our customers’ unique needs.

Whether you need some or all of our transportation solutions, Tratos has the capacity to deliver your freight on time, secure and safe.


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