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Cables for medical equipment

Tratos makes cable for medical equipment since 1981. Body scan machine, X-Ray Film processor tabletop.

Tratos has developed and produces a variety of miniaturised cables for medical equipment. Miniaturization allows for reduced space requirements in installation, transport, and storage. Going smaller typically allows for improved diagnostic capabilities and sensitivity since power requirements and distance to the subject are reduced. Smaller medical devices can be less susceptible to noise from outside sources, such as building wiring or other nearby devices. The medical device industry needs small and large cables, special conductors and insulation. Tratos designs custom cables to satisfy medical interconnect needs.

Tratos cables are flexible and reliable, typically having a long service life.
Tratos cable with a smaller cross-section can be more flexible. Also, a cable with a smaller diameter can be bent more tightly while still maintaining the specified minimum bend radius.


Tratos UK Ltd has won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.
The British company collected the award for innovation from the UK’s leading award for business for its technologically advanced JBA® compound.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise chose Tratos’ cutting-edge JBA® compound – an advanced compound that can be modified to meet specific cable performance elements (e.g. safety, durability, extended operational life) to meet the requirements of a number of important industrial sectors.


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