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From today you can download the DoP from our website.

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From today you can download the DoP from our website.

Download our DoP by visiting our CPR webpage or simply click the button below:

Download here the DoP



Construction Products Regulation is fast approaching, and as of 1st July 2017, manufacturers’, importers and distributors are required by law to provide a ‘Declaration of Performance (DoP)’

The DoP is a key part of the Construction Products Regulation. It provides information on the performance of a product. A DoP is a legal responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with its declared performance.

In its standard format a DoP must include:

  • a unique ID for the specific product’s intended use
  • Manufacturers information
  • The AVCP (Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance) system applied 
  • A dated reference of the harmonised standard 
  • The Notified Body used
  • The Declared Performance (or NPD if no performance declared)

The DoP must be published on the website for 10 years after the product was sold. 

Tratos has made their DoPs publicly available upon request through our website.







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