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Project: Adriatic LNG Terminal
Location: Italy
Company: Adriatic LNG TerminalADRIATIC LNG Terminal

Tratos  supplied a 24 Optical Fibres cable to the ADRIATIC LNG Terminal, which needed a cable with a continuous length of 18km. The selected cable was more than capable of fulfilling the specification as it is suitable for subsea installation of up to 200 meters in depth. The Adriatic LNG terminal is a liquid natural gas offshore terminal nine miles offshore near Rovigo, Italy in the northern Adriatic. It is the world’s first offshore LNG terminal. When the terminal becomes fully operational, it is expected to store and regasify 21.8 million cubic meters (770 million cubic feet) perday, enough to meet 10% of Italy’s natural gas needs. The continual 18km length of Fibre in the TRATOS Cavi factory in Pieve S. Stefano (Italy). The Adriatic LNG terminal on its way from Algeciras, Spain to it final destination near Rovigo, Italy in the northern Adriatic.

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