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Tratos provides global cable solutions, offering a wide product range that is as diverse as our broad client base requires, taking us through energy, fibre optic, telecommunications, limited fire hazard and other specialised cables.

Tratos always seeks to supply to companies who require consistently good quality products on short lead times from an efficient, ethical organisation led by a focus on service, advanced technologies and innovation.

Cables for the transmission of power up to 600/1000 V, General Wiring Cable, Underground Mains Cable –1Kv to 33Kv, waveform, service cable. Cables for the transmission of power from 1.9/33 kV to 26/45 kV; Underground Mains Cable –20Kv to 99Kv, Bare or Covered Overhead Line Conductor; High Voltage cable up to 360 kV.

Tratos instrumentation cables for the transmission of information.  Available as inscreened and unscreened versions for all kinds of signalling and data transmission.

Copper cables available as pairs / trios / quads up to 2,400 pairs for telecommunications.

Tratos fibre optic cables are available in all forms of construction up to 400 fibres.

Cables Tailor Made‘ is a special division of Tratos Working directly with our clients, Cables Tailor Made is able to offer custom designed solutions for even the most demanding of circumstances. Using our 50 years of cable design and construction experience, we can examine the challenges facing our customers and bring together our expertise and cutting edge technology to provide the ideal tailor-made solution. Our special cables can incorporate power, control, signalling and fibre-optic elements.

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