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Tratos sells cables to 52 countries. Tratos UK produces all elements of its cables, including conductors, insulating compounds, fibre optics and finished cables from its 50,000 square metre factory facility.

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Manufacturing in UK

Tratos Ltd is a UK based electrical cable manufacturer with its head office and main sales office in London and its manufacturing and technical facilities at two sites in Knowsley, Merseyside. At the company’s production site its manufacturing and technical facilities include four extrusion lines and multiple laying machines for up to 100 pairs of instrumentation type cables, as well as two BX armouring machines for manufacturing corrugated aluminium/steel armour. Tratos has its own testing facilities which include the standard test for voltage, spark test and resistance as well as more in-depth tests for elongation, heat shock, shrink back and vertical flame tests. Tratos Limited is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Assurance and ‘enhanced quality management systems for product-related functions’.

Tratos Ltd holds the internationally recognised ISO14001 standard for the environmental management system.

As well as a UK manufacturing facility, Tratos has two factories in Italy; in Pieve Santo Stefano Arezzo and Catania, Sicily. The product range includes single and multi-conductor high temperature, Fire Resistant, Low Smoke & Fume, Rubber, Energy Cables from Low Voltages up to 132kV, Railway, Motorway, Data, Fibre Optic, Oil & Gas, Ship Wiring, Drum Reeling and Telecommunications, as well as Cathodic Protection, Airfield Lighting, Composite and bespoke cables.

Manufacturing in UK

Tratos manufactures a range of Fire Resistance cables designed to meet the latest standards for fire detection, alarm systems and emergency lighting.TRATOS FIRESAFE TW950s (PH30) and TW950e (PH120) are LPCB and BASEC approved. TRATOS FIRESAFE TW950e (PH120) is London Underground approved.

*LPCB certification is referred to design, manufacture and supply of electric cables for use in fire alarm systems.

Basec approvals ISO 14001 UKAS certification

The successful delivery of a five-year plan for investment and expansion at Tratos’ UK manufacturing facilities has seen significant growth in resource and capability – and the opening up of new market sectors for the company’s advanced cable.
In addition to increasing production efficiencies, with faster machines and a purpose-built factory, the company has been careful to invest in the professional development of its people.

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