Circular economy

“Circular economy”  needs Sustainable Technology

We stand at a unique point in our history.  A tipping point with the 4th Industrial Revolution at its fulcrum.  As a species, we have done more damage to our world than good.  As a species, we can turn that around. Now is our opportunity to make changes for the positive, take a step back from self-interest, and think bigger than our personal tomorrows.  

We make cables.  We conceive, design, and build very advanced cables; cables that will help drive the 4th Industrial Revolution and enable a circular economy to harness ‘good’ technology for a better and re-balanced world.  

Tratos works sustainably and in the most environmentally friendly way possible.  A good proportion of our own research and development is devoted to how we can improve our cables’ green credentials further.  We have been a green company for well over a decade and today these properties are something that our clients expect and value – and we’re delighted about that.

There is very little technology innovation in the world that doesn’t require cable, from the most advanced systems to harvest and transport energy from the sun, sea, and wind to greener ways to power transport, cargo, and communications.  Tratos works across all of the industry sectors that have an environmental contribution to make, or a carbon footprint shrink, including the most cutting edge of all – Fusion 4 Energy

We understand these industries from the inside.  We know their challenges and ambitions. We work with them to solve some and meet others.

The circular economy is one that Tratos was built for.  It is a more considerate and considered way of living.

For decades the focus has been on us as consumers.  By definition what consumers do is take. Humans can be better than that.

By nature, we are innovators, ingenious re-inventors who repurpose and find ways to eliminate or usefully employ waste.  Somewhere along the way some of that resourcefulness has been lost. Some of the most successful innovations have been born from the problem of how to find a use for waste products.   

Today there are no other choices: we have to shift the mindset of those in our Western cultures from one of consumerism to one built to conserve and flourish. The world has to return to a circular economy, one that employs reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing and recycling to create a closed system, minimizing the use of resource input and the creation of waste, pollution and emissions. 

Tratos is a long-term contributor to a greener and more sustainable future, but more than that, we campaign to support our passion – and a worldwide imperative. 

The clock is ticking.  We would like to share with you the areas we are seeking to change; why, and how.

Tratos In Action  

Greener and more efficient public transport has been high on our agenda for decades.  We’ve been one of the prime movers for better performance and bigger environmental and energy gains for rail.  

We have campaigned for a real super-fast fibre broadband network for the UK, one with the power and speed to rescue our economy and put it back on the winner’s podium.  And of course, we have the fibre and the installation ingenuity to leap barriers and get Britain’s Broken Broadband fixed.

There has been talk about increasing connectivity for better liveability.  Talk about Gigabit Britain. That’s talking our language.  

Tratos is a full and committed Fusion 4 Energy partner (working as part of the international team carrying out this ground-breaking work).  The first industrial revolution was driven by coal, the second oil and gas. This one has to harness the freely-given rhythms of the planet to survive. Wind, sea and sun.  This 4th industrial revolution will have its roots in renewable energy.

Cables that have gone from pure copper to a superconductor cable were Tratos’ solution for F4E (Fusion4Energy) and the company is driving forward with some of the greenest cables on the market today.

Cables are part of the infrastructure on which the whole of our economy is built. We have had the advantage of cable since the second Industrial Revolution. Cables were and are the only way to transfer energy and data from one side of an ocean to the other. Cables are the neural network of the world. Cables are the storm-bringers, the disrupters, the gatekeepers of possibility.

They are nowhere near the limit of what they can do – and nor, as a company, are we?

Tratos Green is our commitment to sustainable improvement.  On its own, it has the scope to deliver big impacts and big change.  But – on its own, it isn’t enough. We all need to make changes. Even if they’re uncomfortable, to begin with, no pioneer ever had a comfortable journey, but the journey will be worth it.

So there is more to do, and we’re doing it.  But in the meantime, we are making cables that make our infrastructure better, tougher, smarter, more efficient and greener.

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