MEDIUM VOLTAGE POWER CABLES (N)TSCGEWÖU+LWL VDE 0250 p.813 (as applicable) & HD 620 S2

Special Cables / Reeling Cables - Tratosflex

TRATOSFLEX ES3-FO (Extruded screen) – Reduced weight and dimension medium voltage power cables (N) TSCGEWOU+LWL and TRATOSGREEN ES3-FO (Reduced halogens and reduced toxicity) according to standard VDE 0250 p.813 (as applicable) & HD 620 S2 is a TRATOS designed and manufactured flexible cable for operation on cable reels on all kinds of cranes for material handling. They have special characteristics and high resistance to pulling tensions especially recommended for end feed applications or medium/ low travelling speed centre feed cranes.
TRATOSGREEN ES3 FO (Reduced halogens and reduced toxicity) cables are recommended for applications where enhanced fire performance (LSZH) is required
These cables are yet more members of the highly flexible range of TRATOSFLEX crane cables for power and data transmission in applications where the cable moves in operation.

The unique cable design focuses on tightening the internal structure, granting the cable exceptional strength and flexibility in a cable with a reduced outer diameter, this design prevents twisting and breakage and lasts longer under constant severe operating conditions thus providing a reliable electrical feed and communication link to the equipment to which it is connected.

TRATOSFLEX ES3-FO also features a red polychroprene outer sheath, Tratosflex ES3 OS, equivalent to 5GM5, also if required, a conductor more flexible than Cl. 5 DIN VDE EN 60228 VDE 0295, Optical Fibre cable (9/125 Monomode or 62,5/125 multimode) and anti torsion protection. TRATOSGREEN ES3-FO (Reduced halogens and reduced toxicity) features a Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheath having the same robust characteristics as the halogenate Tratosflex ES3 OS sheath. These successful designs proven in Ports around the world allows these cables to outperform rivals on cranes in ports across the globe. Today TRATOSFLEX cables are installed in more than 300 ports & terminals worldwide in the most demanding applications for prestigious global operators, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic yards. Its unique construction and materials make this cable suitable for end feed applications and/or slower centre fed machinery. This cable is recommended for various types of moving equipment inside ports, mining, shipyards and other industrial sectors, it can be found providing power to STS container cranes, Ship Unloaders (SU), Stacker Reclaimer (SR), Multipurpose Cranes or different kind of shipyard Cranes, these are just a few of the types of cranes where this cable is used.

Available as standard in the following Rated Voltages 3,6/6 kV, 6/10 kV, 8,7/15 kV 12/20 kV, other voltages available on request.


  • DIN VDE 250 – Part 813
  • DIN VDE EN 60228 VDE 0295
  • HD 620 S2
  • VDE 0298-4
  • ITU-T G651
  • ITU-T G651.1

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 TratosFlex – Reeling Cables


Main feeding cable for end feed reeling or slow/medium speed centre feed reeling applications where secure optical fibre communication link is required


  • Conductor more flexible than Cl.5 DIN VDE EN 60228 VDE 0295
  • Semiconducting layer + insulation Tratosflex-ES3-I®, equivalent to HEPR + Semiconducting layer*
  • Ground conductor with semiconducting layer
  • Optical Fibre unit (single mode or multimode as required)
  • Inner sheath high grade compound Tratosflex-ES3-IS®, better than GM1b quality
  • Antitorsion protection
  • Outer sheath red colour polychloroprene Tratosflex-ES3-OS®, equivalent to or better than 5GM3 (or 5GM5 if required) quality or a robust LSZH compound


Technical Specifications

  • Operating temperature range -30oC to +80oC
  • Minimum bending radius fixed 6 x Overall diameter, flexing 12 x Overall diameter
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to Ozone, UV and Weathering
  • Resistant to oils and chemicals
  • Resistant to water
  • TRATOSGREEN ES3-FO (only) additionally Low Smoke Zero Halogen

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