Tratos Powers Up the 380kV Rondissone-Turbigo Overhead Line

As the world shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, the critical role of modern infrastructure in supporting this transition cannot be overstated. One notable project that epitomises this commitment to a greener future is the recent upgrade of the 380kV overhead power line between Rondissone and Turbigo, Italy. Spearheaded by Terna Rete Italia, this project involved the deployment of advanced Tratos conductor cables, a testament to the innovative strides in power transmission technology.

Project Overview

In November and December 2023, the fertile rice fields between Turin and Milan witnessed a significant infrastructural transformation. Terna Rete Italia, entrusted with enhancing Italy’s high-voltage electricity transmission grid, undertook the reconductoring and reinforcing of the Rondissone-Turbigo line. The project was not just about laying new cables but about integrating cutting-edge technology to ensure a more efficient and resilient power transmission system.

Tratos OHC CFCC (Carbon Fiber Composite Conductors) – Overhead Conductor

Technological Innovations

The backbone of this project was the Tratos HTLS (High-Temperature Low Sag) low sag carbon core conductor cables. These cables, designed with a polymeric composite core, represent the forefront of modern engineering, offering superior performance under high temperatures and minimal sagging under load. The specific configuration used for this project was a triple bundle with a diameter of 30.45 mm, spanning a total length of 12 kilometres.

The project utilised a Puller/Tensioner PT4800 quad bundle with an 1800 mm diameter bull wheel to ensure the precise and secure installation of these advanced cables. This equipment, installed on a special self-propelled vehicle, facilitated the smooth handling and placement of the cables, demonstrating the synergy between advanced materials and state-of-the-art machinery.

Addressing Mid-Span Tension

A crucial aspect of the project involved realising mid-span tension joints, executed with a 160-ton press. This process is vital for maintaining the structural integrity and electrical continuity of the overhead power lines, ensuring they can withstand mechanical and electrical stresses over their operational life.

Sustainability and Future-Proofing

Terna Rete Italia’s project is more than an infrastructure upgrade; it is a step towards a sustainable and resilient energy future. As Europe’s largest independent electricity transmission system operator, Terna is at the forefront of driving the ecological transition. This project is a part of their broader strategy to develop a modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly power grid.

The Rondissone-Turbigo line upgrade underscores Terna’s commitment to sustainability. Due to their high efficiency and long lifespan, Tratos’ HTLS low sag carbon core conductor cables ensure minimal environmental impact. Furthermore, the project aligns with Terna’s goal of integrating renewable energy sources into the national grid, facilitating the transition to a cleaner, emission-free future.

Strategic Significance

Strategically, the Rondissone-Turbigo upgrade is pivotal. It addresses critical needs in the Italian national electrical system, including increasing transport capacity between market zones, resolving congestion, and enhancing the security and resilience of the electricity grid. By improving the quality and reliability of power supply, this project supports the broader economic growth and technological advancement objectives in Italy.

The project’s successful completion is a milestone in Terna’s ongoing efforts to modernise Italy’s electricity transmission infrastructure. It also highlights innovative companies like Tratos, whose advanced conductor technology is essential for building a sustainable energy future.

The 380kV overhead power line upgrade between Rondissone and Turbigo is a shining example of how technological innovation and strategic planning can drive the transition to a sustainable energy future. With projects like this, Terna Rete Italia not only enhances the efficiency and reliability of the national grid but also paves the way for a greener, more resilient energy landscape. As we move towards a future powered by renewable energy, the importance of such infrastructure projects will only continue to grow, underscoring the need for continued innovation and investment in the energy sector.

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