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Tratos is a world leader in superconducting cables for Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion. It works alongside international stakeholders through superconductivity laboratory (ENEA) on developing products for this ground-breaking engineering mega-project.


A new high-tech cable with zero resistance and high conductivity


Extreme conditions

A cable technology that can work at extreme temperatures between - 243ºC and -153ºC

Extreme conditions

Engineering design company

Tratos not only designed and manufactured the superconductor cable but also the equipment to produce it

Engineering design company

Nuclear fusion is deemed one of the options useful to ensure a large-scale, safe, environmentally-friendly and virtually inexhaustible source of energy. Tratos is one of the international partners of the winning consortium now working on the project at the superconductivity laboratory (ENEA). Tratos provides cabling and jacketing for approximately 20 km of ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) Toroidal Field (TF) conductors and in the region of 28 km of JT-60SA TF conductors, plus the jacketing of around 22 km of Poloidal Field (PF) conductors.

Tratos’ specialist cables have been developed thanks to the skill and expertise of seasoned cable engineers, all of whom have more than 20 years of experience. The company’s latest generation of superconducting cables for Controlled Thermonuclear Fusion have combined tried and tested manufacturing techniques with state of the art technology to create cables of phenomenal strength and flexibility. Working with customers Tratos is able to tailor make cables to meet the demands of any application – even the most demanding of all.

International Standards: IEC TR 61788-20:2014

Note: This is an indicative range of Standards to which Tratos manufacture cables. Cables manufactured in accordance with other Standards are available on request.

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