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Tratos makes cables for the oil and gas industry. Its alliance with pioneering Brazilian cable maker MFX introduces a range of bespoke subsea umbilical cables.

Total Capability

Tratos is able to make complete products - from single conductors to total cable networks, thanks to its fully integrated production system.

Total Capability

Testing facility

Tratos is able to check work-in-progress elements and High Voltage-test finished product.

Testing facility

Better by Design

Tratos is constantly designing and manufacturing better umbilical cables.

Better by Design

Tratos has been working with the oil and gas industry for 40 years. With Brazilian cable manufacturer MFX it produces bespoke subsea umbilical cables for offshore oil production and thermoplastic high pressure hoses. MFX celebrates 26 years of top quality engineered products and services and is focused on increased speed and flexibility to address new and future challenges in the oil and gas markets.

Working together, Tratos and MFX design and manufacture bespoke cable solutions for customers’ precise needs. Umbilicals (a set of hoses electrical cables and tubes that transport hydraulic and chemical injection fluids, as well as electrically transmitted signals and power) activate opening and closing mechanisms. More, in the subsea oil and gas production equipment, they’re used in monitoring the well’s characteristics (temperature and pressure). Tratos and MFX produce hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electrical umbilicals able to carry out diverse activities for controlling chemical processes and injections for subsea oil and gas extraction in wells located at depths up to 2000 metres.

For some application umbilicals have been qualified for depths of 3000 metres. MFX has already produced more than 500 km built-for-purpose umbilicals, all of which are functioning consistently and are fully compliant for the functions for which they were designed. These umbilical subsea cables have been tested extensively both in laboratory trials and actual installations and have proven to be exceptionally reliable.

Electrical components based on IEC 60228, IEC 60502-1 and IEC 60502-2

Note: This is an indicative range of Standards to which the Tratos Group manufacture cables, cables manufactured in accordance with other Standards are available on request.

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Case studies



1 - 1/4” HCR 10000 PSI WP

BOP - 68+1 - Jumper Hydraulic Umbilical

68 x 3/16” 3M8 + 1 x 1” 16M11 x 5000 PSI WP

IWOC - UEH Jumper 26+10+5CE

26 x 1/4” 5000 psi WP + 10 x 1/4” 10000 psi +5CE (1 x 4 x 2,5 mm²)

IWOC - 10+1+5 CE - DPR Umbilical

10 x 1/4” Special +1 x 1-1/4” HCR + 5CE (1 x 4 x 2,5 mm²)

FLOW - 6+4+1 CE - Injection & Control Umbilical

6 x ½” HCR + 4 x ½” 8M10 + 1CE (4 x 2 x 4 mm²)

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