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Tratos is an Anglo Italian electrical cable manufacturer with 60 thousands square meters of facilities within Italy and the UK, where produces all elements of cables, including conductors, insulating compounds, fibre optics and finished cables.

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The production site in Italy is an impressive factory of 60 thousand square meters nestled in the picturesque hills of Pieve Santo Stefano, in Tuscany. Here Tratos produces Conventional Copper and Aluminum Cables for telecommunications and signaling, Fibre Optic Cables, MV Cables up to 26/45 kV, HV Cables up to 245 kV, HEPR insulation, LV Cables, Service Cables, Waveform Cables, XLPE and HEPR Insulation, Copper Foam Skin Insulation Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Power Inverter Cables, Optical Protection Ground Wires (OPGW) and Overhead Conductors made of either steel and aluminum or aluminum alloy.

The other Italian factory is set in Catania, Sicily, where Tratos produces low and medium voltage power cables and signalling cables. Products manufactured here include Medium Voltage Cables up to 26/45 kV, XLPE and HEPR insulation; Copper and Aluminum Conductors, Low Voltage Cables, XLPE and HEPR Insulation, Copper Conductors, Aluminum Conductors and Signaling Cables.

The British manufacturing and technical facilities are based at Knowsley, Merseyside. Here Tratos has manufacturing and technical facilities, which include four extrusion lines along with multiple laying machines for up to 100 pairs of instrumentation type cables, as well as two BX armouring machines for the manufacture of corrugated aluminium/steel armour.

In the UK Tratos has also its own testing facilities, which include the standard test for voltage, spark test and resistance, as well as more in-depth tests for elongation, heat shock, shrink back and vertical flame tests.

Over the last decade, in order to be based in close proximity to many of our customers, Tratos has established a company in Spain and offices in Germany and China.

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