Tratos shares its weekly Coronavirus Statement

Dear Customers, Colleagues, Ladies & Gentlemen,

These are exceptional circumstances. Tratos’ work is essential. Cable keeps the world moving and people connected. The company’s factories also produce cable and wire for important medical equipment, so Tratos has taken every step to go beyond the Government’s best advice to keep people safe – and we continue production.

The hope is that this will be relatively short-term and that, by autumn, God willing, we will all reclaim our lives. Until then we accept the situation and do our utmost to protect everyone.

I wanted to share the most positive approach we hold as we advance through this challenge. It is built on patience and perseverance. While we are respecting social distancing, it is incredibly important for social cohesion and mental wellbeing for us to remain connected in these anxious times.

Tratos is:

  • Practising strict distance working in its offices and production facilities. Those who can work at home are doing so, those who come into the company’s offices have been allocated an office each. These spaces are the subject of regular and rigorous cleaning and sanitation processes. Those working on factory production lines are working in large open spaces and observing strict larger-than-2-metre exclusion zones around colleagues’ personal space and, of course, wearing the correct protective clothing. Cleaning is hourly, masks, gloves and protective glasses mandatory. We are supplying the UK from the UK.
  • Conscious that it is a multinational and multicultural business. At one virtual meeting on any given day, those at the ‘table’ might include British Italian, English, Welsh, Scottish, Hungarian, Greek, Albanian, Australian and Bulgarian. Frustration with slow or poor connectivity goes beyond the smooth running of one meeting. These connections are vital for everyone to stay in touch with the people important in their lives outside of work. Tratos has long been a champion of faster, better fibre connectivity. In a situation like this, it would show its true colours.
  • Still keeping the world moving. Tratos cable is powering shipping, port cargo and its transport to ultimate delivery points by rail. Tratos cable is a vital economy enabler, and, in such straitened times, even more so. Railways, highways, shipping, ports and vital medical equipment: this is Tratos’ business, we take the responsibility seriously and pledge to do everything to keep the infrastructure running smoothly.
  • Acting responsively and decisively. There is no deviation from the measures we have put in place to offer the highest levels of protection for customers and staff.

    We will get through this; we will carry on and we will implement and uphold best Government advice as it is issued. Stay safe.

    Best regards,

    Dr Maurizio Bragagni MBA
    Tratos Ltd

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