MW TRATOS FIRESAFE SYSTEM is a universal pre wired fire alarm and detection installation to BS5839:2002, suitable for addressable systems.

Since 1995, Modular Wiring Systems Ltd (MWS), have been at the forefront of plug ‘n’ play low voltage (LV) electrical distribution installations. Now, with the introduction of the MW Tratos FIRESAFE SYSTEM, MWS moves into the field of plug and play fire alarm and detection installations. This has been made possible thanks to the vast cable experience that has been brought into the company, since the acquisition of by the cable manufacturers Tratos Ltd who have been in the cable industry since 1966. 


The MW TRATOS FIRESAFE SYSTEM consists of a number of pre-terminated and tested extenders, manufactured to appropriate lengths. These extender cables, plug directly from the fire alarm control panel into a serious of pre-wired round and square base boxes housing the selected detectors, sounders and call points making up the addressable fire alarm and detection installation.

The MW TRATOS FIRESAFE SYSTEM is an open technology able to link up almost any type of addressable fire alarm device, system and installation method. This open technology allows the application of the MW TRATOS FIRESAFE SYSTEM across almost any fire alarm and detection manufacturer, crabling the installer to select the suppliers suitable for the job at hand.


The MW TRATOS FIRESAFE SYSTEM is based around the Tratos ‘ TRATOS FIRESAFE’ TW950s and TW950e cable. Both of these cable types, meet and exceed the BS norms and carry the relevant BASEC and LPCB approvals.

TRATOS FIRESAFE TW950s 30min fire resistant cable has been designed to meet the latest standards for fire detection and alarm systems in BS5839 Part 1 standard grade and for use in emergency lighting BS5266 Part 1. The cable is also manufactured and tested to BS7629.

TRATOS FIRESAFE TW950e is an ‘Enhanced’ 120min fire resistant cable that is recommended for systems needing to operate fully during a fire for longer periods than those normally required for singe phase evacuation of a building. This may include high rise buildings that do not have sprinkler systems and have passed evacuation arrangements, or large premises where areas remote from the fire could remain occupied on the condition the fire does not damage cables serving the alarm system in those areas.


TRATOS FIRESAFE TW100 is designed for surface wiring installations where a fire situation may pose a major hazard and the maintenance of circuit integrity is a requirement, and where there is little risk that mechanical damage to the cable may occur. TRATOS FIRESAFE TW100 is also suitable for installations in onerous conditions where the cable is protected in metal conduit or trunking.

TRATOS FIRESAFE SWA/M1 0.6/1 KV Cables suitable to grant the performance requested for a determinate time period also when the flames developed by the fire in which they are involved, have modified, carbonized or destroyed the organic materials which in normal conditions, constitute the insulation, possible fillers and the sheath.

TRATOS FIRESAFE Opti has been designed for use in areas where optical fibre cables are required to operate in the event of a fire. For use in railway and highways tunnels, mass transit underground systems, metro lines, ducts and public buildings.

Modular Wiring Systems ltd. can also offer glands, p clips and saddles in LSOH from stock to suit all TRATOS FIRESAFE cables. These are available in Red or White from stock with other colours available to order.

For more information, please contact Modular Wiring Systems on 01753 566700 or

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