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Tratos Academy Hosts RIA Group Event

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Tratos hosted an event for the Rail Industry Association (RIA) Electrification Technical Interest Group at the Tratos Academy at its Knowsley plant, Merseyside this month (June 25).

Some 20-25 guests attended the event which looked at ongoing projects within the UK and was led by members of Tratos’ senior technical team.

Ria Team Knowsley

Tim Endersby, Principal Engineer HV Systems, Transport for London spoke about the Deep Tube Upgrade Programme and in particular the Piccadilly line power upgrade, its issues and solutions. 

John Merriman, project engineer manager, Network Rail and Simon Skinner, Contractors Engineering Manager, Powerlines Group talked about the importance of Best Practice and getting it right at the start – control the design and deliver the product.

Interim Challenge Director for Driving the Electric Revolution, Matt Boyle spoke about the £78 million industrial strategy challenge and the importance of building capacity. He said that the UK is a world leader in technology, yet not in process and outlined what we can do to drive change.

The Tratos Academy was set up to advance a culture of innovation within the company and to invite interested parties to find out more about the innovation process, product R&D and the new technologically advanced cable the company is developing.  The Academy also works with engineering students to open a window onto one of the most fascinating and wide-reaching industries.








Tratos is proud to hold a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2019 award.  This, the most prestigious marque of recognition for UK industry, was awarded for insightful and important product innovation designed to advance clients’ businesses.

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