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Innovation-led global cable company Tratos hosted the recent 13th Cablatura Metropolitana E Reti FTTH Conference.

The conference, at Pieve Santo Stefano, put the future development of FTTH under the spotlight and was introduced by company president Albano Bragagni, with the closing debate chaired by Tratos Sales Manager Mirko Gori.

Tratos was a fitting host given its expert knowledge and dominance within the market.  In the Spring of 2017, the company signed a deal to guarantee optical fibre supplies for the development of ultra-broadband and FTTH networks.

Tratos President Albano Bragagni

The deal was agreed ahead of the UK general election with Tratos keen to establish strong and consistent supplies of optical fibre as the country entered Brexit negotiations.
This arrangement saw Tratos partner with Prysmian, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, to supply standard and special optical fibre to Tratos.  The deal was pivotal to the company’s broadband enabling capability.

Tratos has been vocal in its championing of fibre as the future.  It says the availability of fibre is fundamental to world economic growth and the single most important route to further industrial development worldwide – whatever the business.

Tratos has a history of innovative and enlightened thinking and tying up partnerships with key suppliers to guarantee production has proved hugely beneficial.

Tratos’ FTTH optical cables, specially designed for use inside buildings to connect individual properties, have found favour amongst telecom utilities across Europe.

Fiberness FTTH

Conference speakers at the FTTH Conference included Paolo Valvassori (Open Fibre), Giorgio Proiettie Silvestri and Angelo Maccarone (Fastweb), Salvatore Lombardo (Infratel), Massimo Tarsi (Tim) and David Mazzarese (OFS)

Delegates from some of the biggest players in the FTTH market toured Tratos Cavi’s CPR test facility and witnessed testing first-hand.

Tratos launched a series of FTTH perfect for multiple-occupation building connectivity. Optimised for brownfield construction networks, these FTTH cables run vertically from the bottom to the top of the building, and one or more of the cables in the bundle can be branched off at any point and connected to the end user. A reduced amount of connectivity points (splices, connectors) reduces the installation time, minimising disruption for residents.

Tratos’ FTTH cables offer a range of additional benefits and provide a simple flexible solution for many different installation systems and building types, including using compressed air to blow into pre-installed tubes.

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