The Benefits of Buying Directly from a Cable Manufacturer

The importance of buying directly from cable manufacturers cannot be overrated!  Historically, cable manufacturers did not have a financially viable way of getting products to customers, so the role of a distributor was necessary. Cables distributors, or wholesalers, worked as the “middleman” between manufacturers and customers – engaging with customers and maintaining inventory locally.

With the digitalisation of manufacturing and a shift to a more customer-centric business model, the cable distributor role is often no longer necessary.

If you compare today’s market trends with those of a decade ago, many new technologies and innovations have occurred. The middle persons or in-betweens in moving a product from point A to point B have been reduced, and the internet has a significant role in this case. 

Purchasing a product directly from the cable manufacturer means eliminating the middleman, i.e. retailer or wholesaler who buys products at a low price and adds extra margin while selling.

Direct buying means the intermediary is not involved, eliminating the costs associated with this intermediate step. These cost savings are then shared between the customer and manufacturer – a win for both parties!

Apart from the lower costs, the most important fact is that the manufacturer of a particular product is an expert. Furthermore, cable manufacturers go through every stage of design and production; thus, they know every detail and feature of a specific product. They provide the best advice for customers who want to purchase their requirements. So, when you go to the manufacturer to buy a product, you seek expert advice from them and several options from an extensive range of products. 

You can also go for the customised options and get a particular product manufactured to the required specifications. You can also get the products at low and better prices.  

 Advantages of Buying Directly from a cable manufacturer

Tratos, a leading European cable manufacturer, has been trading high-quality and customized cables for over 55 years. Our success in cutting out the middleman from their trading strategy is a testament to their expertise in the industry.

During its long trading history, Tratos has managed efficiently to purchase raw materials and other products needed to produce cables directly from manufacturers. This strategy has provided several advantages to Tratos and its customers, including but not limited to the highlighted below:

  • Lower Costs: If you buy directly, you avoid inflated costs imposed on a product by distributors when they become part of the supply chain. These include extra expenses such as a distributor’s infrastructure, personnel, transport equipment and storage facilities. At the time of a severely disrupted supply chain, avoiding the middleman is necessary to guarantee the delivery of products.
  • Delivery guarantee, improved Transport and Quality Management: cable manufacturers give up some control and oversight of their product when a middleman is involved. The more individuals involved in handling the product, the more potential for quality issues and delays during transport. Lead times are often more reliable when buying direct, meaning customers receive the right products at the right time and in good condition.
  • Ability to Purchase in Smaller Quantities: This is possible – smaller quantities are not just available from distributors! Cables Manufacturers can sell in various volumes, including small amounts, which makes direct buying from Cables Manufacturers a viable solution for companies of all sizes! 
  • Direct Line of Communication: when you buy directly from a cable manufacturer, you have a dedicated point of contact assigned to you by the manufacturer, who is responsible for and provides many advantages:
    • Safe & effective communication. With fewer individuals involved, it is safe to say there will be fewer miscommunications and confusion. Additionally, there will be no one in the middle to potentially misinterpret the information being relayed between the customer and manufacturer.
    • Real-time communication. Avoiding intermediaries will contribute to fewer hurdles to receiving the latest information and guidance from the manufacturer.
    • Durable relationship. Buying directly allows the manufacturer and customer to build a long-term relationship that benefits both parties. 
  • Customer-oriented service: Buying directly from a cable manufacturer allows you to discuss with the manufacturer any questions you may have and more easily obtain recommendations on optimising product usage to maximise its benefits. Only the manufacturer has expertise in their product, so when you buy directly, you tap into this knowledge pool more efficiently. Buying directly allows manufacturers to highlight their customer service offerings to distinguish them from the competition.

There are clear advantages to purchasing cables directly from a manufacturer like Tratos. Our cables are customized to meet your specific needs, and Tratos’ expert service ensures you receive the best possible product. Additionally, Tratos uses green energy to produce cables, allowing customers to reduce their carbon footprint. By choosing Tratos as your cable provider, you can enjoy lower prices and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Buy quality! Save time and money! Buy from a Cables Manufacturer. Buy Tratos cables!

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