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Advanced technology cable innovator Tratos is celebrating success at this year’s sold-out RSN Show.

A major international event for the freight and passenger rolling stock sector, the show attracted 130 exhibitors there to meet purchasing organisation representatives in Derby last Thursday (July 11th). 

Tratos used the event to showcase its advanced rolling stock capability. 

The company produces a varied cable range specifically for the Railways and Mass Transit Markets including:

Tratos is also known for its super-flexible, mechanically robust, high abrasion and weathering resistant: Tratos Rolling Stock® Jumper Cables

It designs and manufactures a wide range of Jumper cables for power and signalling.  Tratos’ jumper cables serve railway rolling stock for flexible connection between carriages and carriage floors and bogies.

Designed for demanding applications these cables handle frequent movements combining high mechanical strength with enhanced fire performance.
They meet EN45545-2 and TfL S1180 fire safety material requirements and EN50264, EN50382, TfL T0451 and EN 50343.

Tratos has manufactured cables for rail and mass transit for 10+ years. Specialising in the production of signalling, power, control and telecommunications cables for the railway sector, it provides some of the largest rail sector companies in Europe

Its innovative, fire resistant products for high speed applications meet high quality industry and client specifications and the company is one of Europe’s largest independent cable manufacturers, with Italian and UK factories producing electrical, electronic and fibre optic cable solutions.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2019-winning company produces flexible cables for intermodal loading and unloading transfer cranes and has a new generation of cables to improve security and reduce exposure to copper theft on railways. It won the coveted award for its new cable sheathing compound, Tratos JBA®, tough enough to shrug off the most corrosive elements and protect cable function in the harshest of environments.

Tratos can create a wide spectrum of specialised railways cable: from Medium voltage & High voltage cable for connection to substations and switchgear, Data & Telecommunication cable (copper & fibre optic), Signalling Power & Control cables, OLE cable, Track Feeder cable, Station & Premises and Pantograph & Rolling Stock cable.

Major clients include international electrical contracting and manufacturing organisations and electricity distributors.

For the last 40 years Tratos has been pivotal in developing and enhancing many of the Fire Performance standards required for cables within the Railways and Mass Transit industry.  The work has led to the development of new solutions for increased safety and performance.

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