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Tratos introduces a new family of optical cables for last mile broadband network cabling known as FTTH (Fibre To The Home) or FTTx. Very compact to fit into small conduits and building floor access points. Extremely flexible small diameter cables in combination with miniaturised cable accessories.


Tratos manufactures the smallest fibre cables on the market. The easy to install compact cables fit into small conduits and building floor access points



Though small, the cable is strong. It retains its integrity and moves easily when pushed or pulled through duct, even alongside restricting elements.


EXTREME Flexibility

These miniature cables are very flexible. These strong, small-diameter cables and accompanying miniaturised cable accessories make them easy to install.

EXTREME Flexibility

New concept, simple cables to pave the way for a rapidly expanding industry.
With its FTTH cables Tratos offers a simple solution for different installation systems. The cables are designed to be used inside buildings to connect individual flats, running vertically through the building.  One or more of the cables in the bundle can be branched off at any point and connected to end user properties. Compressed air can be used to blow into pre-installed tubes when fitting.
Tratos’ system for wiring single and multi-dwelling residential units uses fibre optic cables and connectivity inside the building from the outside plant cable to terminate at the customer’s interface. A complete indoor fibre solution has also been developed; this can be incorporated into the production range. The arrival of FTTH raises many challenges, as well as opportunities.  Different building infrastructures offer different problems.
In brownfield applications FTTH wiring is very often installed as the third network infrastructure in a building where, in the past, twisted pair copper and coax cabling would have been installed.


  • Very compact to fit into small conduits and building floor access points;
  • Extremely flexible small diameter cables in combination with miniaturised cable accessories;
  • Reduced need for on-site pre-audits;
  • Horizontal drop cables can be pulled through existing ducts due to their reinforcement;
  • A reduced amount of connectivity points (splices, connectors) shortens the installation time;
  • Time spent inside customers’ premises is minimised;
  • Optimised for brownfield construction networks.

For more information about FTTH (Fiber To The Home) check the website of the FTTH Council Europe

International Standards – IEC 60794, ITU-T G651, ITU-T G652, ITU-T G653
European Standards – BS EN 60793, BS EN 60794

Note: This is an indicative range of Standards to which the Tratos Group manufacture cables, cables manufactured in accordance with other Standards are available on request.

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PICO Breakout

The MINI Breakout is composed by 4, 12 or 24 PICO Breakout cables under an overall LSZH outer sheath.

MINI Breakout

The MINI Breakout is composed by 4, 12 or 24 PICO Breakout cables under an overall LSZH outer sheath.


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