Location: Wolf Bog – Northen Ireland
Cables: TratosGreencase_Wolf_Bog
Wind farm: 10 MW

Since 1980, Tratos has been using clean renewable energy from its own hydroelectric plant. In 2001, the company started producing TratosGreen, a cable made using only hydroelectric energy.
Tratos Cavi has supplied Medium Voltage cables and Optical Fibers Cables to several wind farms around Europe: for example Altahullion and Wolf Bog.
Wolf Bog wind farm in Northern Ireland was bought by Scottish Power from Renewable Energy Systems for over £10M, making it the biggest on shore wind generator in the province. Scottish Power claims that the five turbine, 10MW project in County Antrim has generated enough energy for over 5,000 homes and offset 22,000t of CO2, equivalent to taking over 7,000 cars off the roads. The Wolf Bog wind farm became operational in spring 2008. Scottish Power’s total UK wind capacity now totals 355MW – enough to power 200,000 homes and displace 800,000t of CO2 every year. In Northern Ireland the total capacity, including Wolf Bog, is now 37MW.