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Tratos mission is to continually create new products with improved performance. For its R&D facility

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Tratos devotes considerable human and financial resources to the research and development of optimum performance cable products for energy and the telecommunications.

Its researchers continually monitor cables under stress: the effects of fire and any toxic substances released during combustion.

Because of the risk it presents, fire is a subject always under consideration in corporate strategies and in Tratos’ Research and Development laboratories. New cables, with special structures and compounds and all the elements necessary to abide by international regulations area regularly reviewed to find any margin for improvement.

As a result of this focus Tratos has introduced nano-structured materials to produce new compounds for insulation, fillers and sheaths, greatly improving cable compounds’ mechanical characteristics and reaction when subjected to fire. Research projects, studies and tests are carried out directly by Tratos’ trained staff.

As new directives come on line, e.g. the new European CPD Directive (Construction Products Directive), the company analyses, if necessary, the best routes to adjust and improve the fire performance of cable used in construction applications. Products often require different performance levels according to the countries to which they are exported. This demands high levels of engagement and the analysis of economic parameters for the final product to be competitive as well as high quality in different markets.

Tratos’ own internal research activity is wide ranging thanks to company investment in the latest high-tech instrumentation.

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