Black Shark. New generation heavyweight torpedo

/ / Black Shark. New generation heavyweight torpedo

Company: Finmeccanica
Type: Fibre-optic cabling systemfinmeccanica-logo

A new and bespoke fibre-optic cabling system by Tratos allows the Finmeccanica Group (Leonardo) to launch Black Shark – new generation heavyweight torpedo able to counter the most challenging threats posed by any type of surface or underwater target for the next 30 years.

To provide a cabling systems able to exceed the limitations of a sub-surface setup, Tratos’ technicians had overcome the existing limits of cable technology. The final product provided by Tratos is able to withstand extremely high-pressure conditions whilst ensuring a communications distance of at least 50km using one, single length of fibre-optic cabling.

Black Shark, the brain child of Finmeccanica’s founder, Robert Whitehead, and the long-awaited result of years of technological research and was tested overnight on the 30/31st October. A team combining technicians from the Malaysian Marines and Finmeccanica-WASS has been able to engineer this innovative device with help from bespoke cabling system by Tratos.

Considered the most advanced multi- pur­pose weapon designed to be launched from submarines, surface vessels or land stations, Black Shark is now being employed within the defence sector of the Malaysian Marines.

For the technicians at Tratos this proves to be undeniable recognition of their ability to set the standard in global cable manufacturing. The use of the company’s cabling systems and the technical support of its technicians did not merely extend to this project – the fibre optic cabling manufactured by Tratos for the sub-surface communication, combined with that which was used within the mechanism, follows on from involvement within another Finmeccanica project in 2013 – an innovative, compact and lightweight torpedo detection system for the British Navy.

Tratos’ fibre-optic cabling system, along with its technical support, has been of undeniable use within the international naval defence industry, providing the security sector with efficient, safe, high-quality and innovative technology.

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