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Tratos manufactures and supplies defence and marine cables for marinas, submarines, aerospace and defence internationally.


Tratos is a key developer of innovative modern military cables meeting clients’ strenuous requirements.



Italian and European defence approvals for Tratos’ copper and fibre ranges as well as NATO approval for many products.



A market leader in field deployable fibre-optic cables, copper cable, and high performance defence cable.


Tratos manufactures defence and marine cables, including fibre-optic cables and components, deliver power, control and signalling functions for a range of international applications.

Tratos has been involved in the development of numerous modern military cable constructions and remains at the forefront in the development of the material technologies used. Tratos holds Italian and European defence approvals for both its copper and fibre ranges. It also has NATO approval for many of its products and remains a market leader in field deployable fibre-optic cables, copper cable, and high performance defence cable.

Typical Applications include:

– Missiles
– Equipment Wires, Limited Fire Hazard
– Airframe Wires, Humidity Resistant, PTFE Composite
– Cables, Radio Frequency, Low Fire Hazard
– ESM/ECM systems
– Fire guidance control
– Weapon Systems
– Engine compartment
– Reactor compartment
– Fire survival systems
– Communications cables
– Surface ships and submarines
– Towed arrays
– Mine detection cables

The latest generation of Defence cables combine tried and tested manufacturing techniques with state of the art technology to create cables of phenomenal strength and flexibility. Working with customers Tratos is able to tailor make cables for any application.

International Standards – IEC 60092-350, IEC 60092-352, IEC 60092-353, IEC 60092-360, IEC 60092-370, IEC 60092-376, IEC 60005
UK Standards – BS 6883, BS 7917

Note: This is an indicative range of Standards to which Tratos manufacture cables. Cables manufactured in accordance with other Standards are available on request.


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