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Tratos works closely with industries, from shipping to alternative energy, to find environmentally friendly solutions for its customers’ challenges.

100% green

Tratos renewable cables are 100% recyclable with zero environmental impact. Tratos Green, a cable made using only hydroelectric energy.

100% green

Environmentally approved

Tratos is first cable manufacturer to receive environmental approval from BASEC.

Environmentally approved

Halogen free

The company has spent years developing halogen-free cables to provide greater protection for people and a more environmentally friendly option.

Halogen free

Tratos has pioneered greener, cleaner cable and continues to advance the technology.  Working with its customers it has developed a range of environmentally friendly solutions for the challenges they face.
The company has supplied cables to minimise AMP systems emissions.  Its cable is helping keep ships in port (emissions) and alternative energy facilities cleaner.  Its TratosAeolus cable can be found in wind farms throughout Europe, and TratosDaedalus in solar installations, including Surbo, built in Ciminna, Palermo; the biggest photovoltaic field in Europe.

The company spent years developing cables without halogens to provide greater protection for people and a more environmentally friendly option.  Tratos also developed cables with increased pulling tension to allow easier electrification of diesel RTG cranes.

Since 1980, Tratos has used clean, renewable energy from its own hydroelectric plant. In 2001, the company started producing Tratos Green, a cable made using only hydroelectric energy. Tratos has supplied Medium Voltage cables, and Optical Fibre Cables to several wind farms around Europe and was the first to receive environmental approval from BASEC (BA2250:1996-2) ,UL, VDE, Lloyds Register (for cables inside ships), and EAC (approving sales in Russia).

TRATOS DEDALUS® manufactured in accordance with:

UL 4703 PV Wire
TÜV 2 pfg 1169/08.2007 PV1-F for use in photovoltaic systems
UL 2556 VW-1
EN 60332-1-2 vertical flame

TRATOS WIND® manufactured in accordance with:
DIN VDE 0250 Part 813


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APPLICATIONS of TratosDedalus in photo-voltaic installations


MEDIUM VOLTAGE POWER CABLES - (N) TSCGEHXOEU VDE 0250 p. 813 (as applicable) & HD 620 S1 p.9

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