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Tratos is committed to going beyond compliance with its environmental policy

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Tratos’ EMS (Environmental Management System) procedures control the significant environmental aspects of the company’s manufacturing sites at Knowsley in the UK and Pieve Santo Stefano and Catania in Italy.

Environmental aspects were identified and evaluated as part of the SCEEMAS’ funded EMS development in 1997 and 1998.

Tratos’ environmental management system has been audited and approved by two independent, international authorities, BASEC (UK) and AENOR-IQNET (E), in accordance to ISO 14001. This covers production, purchasing of raw materials design and final test. The Tratos system is regularly reviewed by inspectors working for the certification authorities.

The company’s Environmental Policy is based on the findings of its Environmental Review and makes a number of commitments, including legislative compliance and continuous improvement in environmental performance. These commitments will be fulfilled through an Environmental Programme. This includes assignment of roles and responsibilities for achieving Tratos’ environmental objectives and targets. It also addresses training, communications, operational control, emergency readiness and response, monitoring, corrective actions, record-keeping and auditing and reviewing the system itself.

The EMS policy is subject to periodic review and systematic internal and external auditing. Management Review Meetings take place at least annually.

The policy’s programme includes other documents which cover more detailed and specific instructions. It is this series of documents, combined with the over-arching manual, that forms the basis of TRATOS’s EMS.

Tratos aims to work closely with customers to find better, more environmentally friendly solutions to their challenges.  

It is Tratos’ belief that ethical business conduct is a condition of a company’s success. Tratos already has a strong environmental policy in place; however, it is constantly working toward greener cable solutions, such as its cables without halogens and the Tratos-Green cable made using purely hydroelectric energy. Tratos Cavi has been using clean renewable energy from its own hydroelectric plant since 1980.

All Tratos’ manufacturing facilities have been awarded ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management Systems. Tratos is fully committed to provide protection both for people working with its cables, – and for the environment.

TRATOS is accredited to BS EN ISO 9001.

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