Port Name: Virginia Port
Location: Virginia, USA
Owner: AMP MAERSKVirginia
Cranes Maker: Konecranes
Reeling Manufacturer: Cavotec SPECIMAS
Cable: TratosFlex ESDB
Date installation: 2009
Speed: 300 m/m

The terminal’s all-electric crane inventory includes six super post-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes, 30 semi-automated rail-mounted gantry yard cranes (RMGs), and two rubber tire gantry cranes (RTGs) with electric spreader bars. Twenty shuttle trucks transport cargo from the dock to the stack area. Fewer diesel engines and use of on-road engines in 62 o-road terminal vehicles contribute to signicantly reduced levels of particulate matter and nitrous oxide emissions. In addition, electric spreader bars eliminate hydraulic spills.